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“Say I Duuo” contest winners: Tyra & Chris

Posted by Rachel Devitt | Duuo

It may come as no surprise that at Duuo, we love events! We figured, what better way to mark the return to safe events than by sponsoring one lucky couple’s dream day. 

Throughout the month of August, we asked couples across Canada to tell us their love story for a chance to win a $1,000 wedding sponsorship from Duuo. 

After the Duuo team started reading through (okay, weeping through) a selection of incredible love stories from our contest entrants, we came across one particular story that really caught our eye.

When they met at 14 years old, Tyra and Chris knew they had each met their perfect match. After traveling together and becoming dog parents, they got engaged last year and are finally ready to start planning their 2022 wedding. Grab some tissues and check out their entire love story below!

I met my future husband Chris at 14 years old when mutual friends introduced us at our grade 9 orientation rally. My friend and I had this silly rule that if we liked a guy, we would call “dibs” so we could pursue it and not fight over that guy. Seconds after I met Chris, I whispered to my friend “dibs on Chris”. 

Our whole grade 9 year he couldn’t get out of the friend zone so we were “just friends” all year. Although we said this and even thought it, we were inseparable. Wherever I was, I looked for him and whatever he had going on, he prioritized me. 

The moment I knew I loved him (he later told me he felt the same this day) was when we had a fun school event with water fights, mud slides and games. Chris cropped a photo of our friend group into a photo of just us and posted it on Facebook. 

Soon after, we took the leap and we started dating. He gave me a promise ring, explaining his intention was to marry me even though we were 16 years old (very young I know!). 

We both knew instantly, without a doubt it’s us in the end. We graduated together and accepted University athletic scholarships in the same city, starting our next big adventure! 

As the years went by, we adopted our first puppy Bear, a brown labradoodle who is now 3 years old. We travelled across the world together on an amazing 2 week adventure to Thailand and moved in together a month after while still in University. 

He proposed at 20 years old and asked me to be his for eternity, after 5 years together. Of course my answer was quick, easy & simple since we have both known already for years… ⁣YES! 

Since then, we rescued our second dog, a 3 year old Goldendoodle named Maui. We can’t wait to tie the knot in June 2022. We were just kids when we fell in love but when you know, you know. 2014-Forever! 

With a great story like that, we are beyond thrilled to provide Tyra and Chris with a $1,000 sponsorship for their wedding.

As you get ready to plan your own dream wedding, make sure to purchase event insurance prior to the date so you can relax knowing Duuo’s got you covered should anything go wrong. Get a free quote on Duuo’s wedding event insurance in just a few clicks by clicking the button below! 

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