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Our vision

We want everyone in Canada to have access to intelligent and customized insurance so everyone can have the best protection for their own personal needs.

Old school values, new school tech. Our unique processes, practices, platform, and partnerships are built on integrity, respect and customer empathy. This lets us reduce fraud, keep costs low for everyone and pay claims quickly and easily.

Short-term rental insurance

If you’re a short-term rental host who rents your home on Airbnb, CanadaStays, or another popular rental platform, your standard home insurance may not cover your short-term rental activities. And relying on your platform for financial support in the event of an issue can be unpredictable.

That’s where Duuo fits in. You can think of Duuo like the hot fudge on top of your insurance sundae. You keep your existing home insurance policy, but then Duuo provides coverage for risks related to your short-term rental.

So if you’re looking for short-term Rental Property Insurance or Airbnb Insurance, you’ve come to the right place!

And just like how your guests only pay for the nights they stay, with our on-demand insurance you only pay for the nights you want coverage.

I really appreciate the extra protection. My guests have been wonderful and have come from as far away as Switzerland. Thank you Duuo for partnering with me!
Faye, British Columbia
I just started using Duuo and have a great first impression. It should help ease my concerns about hosting through Airbnb.
Steve, Ontario

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