Personalized Insurance On-Demand.

Just when you need it; exactly how you want it.

When we started hosting on Airbnb we had no idea we needed additional insurance to cover us. Fortunately, Duuo is a great solution because it's pay-as-you-go.
Matt, Gwen, and Neko
- Pet Friendly Airbnb Owners
Reimagining Insurance

In a digital economy filled with limitless possibilities, we like to think of ourselves as enablers for a new breed of Canadians.

That’s why at Duuo, a Canadian digital on-demand insurance brand of The Co-operators, we’re always striving for that perfect mix of innovation and simplicity.

Our goal is to make purchasing insurance the easiest item to cross off your to-do list. With our digital, on-demand insurance platform, we’re making it easy to purchase a broad range of insurance products in minutes.

Get out there and be bold! We’ll provide the peace of mind.

Partner With Us

We’re always searching for partners that share a vision for innovation in our ever-expanding digital world.

Does your business require unique insurance needs? Are you having trouble finding an insurance company who “gets” the sharing economy and digital platforms? At Duuo, our on-demand insurance solution can integrate with various technology platforms, offering your clients seamless service and exceptional coverage.

Plant on green desk
Event Insurance

Host the event of your dreams with the knowledge that Duuo’s got your back should anything go wrong. Covering items like event liability and the optional host liquor liability, our on-demand insurance solution can be purchased in just minutes, allowing you to focus on throwing the ultimate wedding, conference, or sporting event.

Vendor Insurance

Exhibit with confidence knowing Duuo’s got you covered! Our Vendor Insurance product was built for individuals who exhibit at events like farmer’s markets, craft shows, art fairs, and exhibitions. Get a quote in minutes without the hassle of service fees, and have your Confirmation of Insurance emailed directly to your event organizer!

Short-Term Rental Insurance

You’ve got a beautiful place, so why not let others enjoy it too? Our short-term rental insurance can bridge the gap between standard home insurance policies and “host guarantees” offered by rental sites like Airbnb, Canadastays, and more. Host your home with confidence with a little extra help from Duuo.


See what our customers saying about Duuo!

I messed up the first time I used Duuo and emailed them. They replied within a few hours and we got it sorted. Easy to use and very reasonably priced.
Joel Gray
Excellent option for event insurance. Will defintely utiilize Duuo again!
Polly Krier
Great, speedy turnaround and service! Would definitely recommend to others. The website is slick and really attracted us when we were looking for last minute event insurance.
Lucy Gregory
Very user friendly, quick to respond to questions and friendly trustworthy service.
Tom Motz
Perfect solution for short term rental insurance. Easy, affordable and convenient
Linda Simopoulos
Fast, super easy and convenient. Great coverage for a great price. Will definitely use again.
Alec MacNeill Richardson
Rent-My-Stuff Insurance

Sharing is caring! Canada’s only insurance company to offer an on-demand insurance solution for a “rent-my-stuff” style activity, Duuo is proud to offer our clients an on-demand sharing economy insurance solution that addresses the needs of this ever-growing industry.

Gig Insurance

Duuo Gig Insurance provides workers with affordable, on-demand coverage for their upcoming jobs. The first of it’s kind in Canada, we’re working with partner platforms to offer their users a seamless solution to purchase liability coverage, so they can focus on the task at hand. Currently partnered with home-maintenance app, HeyBryan, we’re always searching for new opportunities to expand into other areas of the ever-evolving gig economy.

Tenant Insurance

Planning a move? We’ve got your tenant insurance covered. With no annual-commitments and a simple month-to-month policy, you can purchase our digital tenant insurance right before you move into your new abode and cancel anytime you need to!