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Introducing: The Duuo Report on Covid-19 and its impact on the Canadian event industry

Posted by Rachel Devitt | Events

There’s no denying that this summer has been a little different. Many of the events we normally look forward to most each year have been modified, rescheduled, or simply cancelled. As we mourn the loss of a summer filled with concerts, shows, conferences, and big parties, it’s important to think of the community that is normally responsible for creating these special experiences for us.

At Duuo, we work with event planners across Canada to help them provide their clients with affordable, online event insurance solutions. With events almost at a standstill in early April, we set out to connect with the event planners in our community to see how they were dealing with everything.

Through our Event Planners @ Home series, we had the opportunity to chat with event planners in the early stages of lockdown restrictions, learning more about the way  adjusted their professional and personal lives. As Covid-19 continued to loom over the world, we decided we wanted to find out more about the ways Canadian event planners were coping.

When we sent out our Event Planning Professionals Survey back in June, we received an array of incredible responses from our community of event planners, filling us in on everything they’ve been learning, planning, and of course, binge watching.

Through these insightful responses, we were able to create The Duuo Report: Covid-19 and its impact on the Canadian event industry. Inside, you’ll find a concise summary of the information we received from event planners across Canada. From the tools most event planners are using, to the top challenges facing the industry, The Duuo Report dives deep to provide a snapshot of what the Canadian event industry looks like today.

As we start to get used to the uncertainty of the world around us, it’s clear that event planners are more excited than ever to get back to what they do best: bringing people together.


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