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Top nine Toronto venues to host your 2024 micro-wedding

Posted by Hayleigh Smith | Events

Wedding professionals across Canada have seen their fair share of wedding themes before—fairytale weddings, Harry Potter weddings, farmhouse weddings, industrial weddings, and the list goes on. Then along came 2020, the year where there was not only a global pandemic but a spike in the micro-wedding trend. 

For those who don’t know, a micro-wedding is a smaller, more intimate gathering of people (typically 10-30 guests), a wedding type that wasn’t as common until COVID-19 took over and consequently restricted couples from expanding their guest list. However, with added benefits such as less stress and lower costs, many couples began to see just how great smaller weddings can be. 

Nearly three years later, human connection has slowly returned back to its natural state, and yet, micro-weddings are more popular than ever in Canada. Looking at it now, it’s crazy to think that it took a pandemic to spark such a high interest in scaled-down weddings—but it appears as though the trend is here to stay. 

Toronto-based wedding venues have taken note of the rising popularity of micro-weddings and are keen on renting out their space to couples who wish to celebrate their love in style and with size in mind.

With that said, check out our list of the top nine Toronto venues that would be perfect to host your micro-wedding:

1. Bellamy Loft

Located in North York, Bellamy Loft has become one of the most well-known wedding venues in Toronto that specialize in micro-weddings! With Bellamy, couples have three different packages to choose from, each designed to ensure their clients barely lifts a finger when hosting an intimate hitch in their space. From package options like a pre-decorated venue, personal floral rentals, three-course catering, and more, you and your mini-party are sure to be well taken care of.

Photo credits: Emblaze Photography


2. Love Shack Toronto

Another venue that specializes in micro-weddings, Love Shack Toronto takes petite weddings to an entirely new and groovy level. If you and your better half are looking for an alternative and super fun space to celebrate your love, look no further. The Love Shack team is not only a group of expert wedding planners, but they also happen to run a wedding chapel located inside a refurbished shipping container, offering a truly unique experience for you and your mini party to enjoy.

Photo credits: Love Shack Toronto Facebook


3. Twist Gallery

This one’s for all of the creatives in Toronto! Not only is Twist Gallery a home for some of the best local art shows in the city, but it’s also a unique wedding venue. This industrial loft-style space is big enough for a fun party and petite enough for the perfect micro-wedding. It’s obvious the Twist team are art lovers themselves, which means they’re incredibly detail-oriented and have a knack for transforming a space into something beautiful and memorable.

Photo credits: Twist Gallery Website


4. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie (Distillery Events)

If you’ve always wanted to get married in Paris, France but don’t exactly have the luxury of making that happen, the Cluny Bistro is your best bet for making your Parisian wedding dream come to life. Located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, the Cluny Bistro is both a French restaurant and a stunning wedding venue filled with lavish architecture and food. If you’re interested, check out this photographer’s review and recap of the micro-wedding they shot at Cluny Bistro back in 2020!

Photo credits: Diego and Liza Photography


5. Auberge du Pommier

Yep! We’re throwing in another French-themed venue space because who doesn’t love Parisian style? What once were two 19th-century wood cutters’ cottages is now an elegant French restaurant and an excellent venue for couples who love the charm and tranquility of the French countryside. Aside from its beautiful indoor spaces, Auberge du Pommier also has a whimsical garden terrace perfect for intimate ceremonies.

Photo credits: Auberge du Pommier Website


6. Berkeley Events

Located in the core of downtown Toronto lies three wedding venues all owned and operated by Berkeley Events. Although Berkeley can accommodate larger guest lists, their venues are great for smaller weddings as well. All three of their spaces are captivating, however, our favourite would have to be the Berkeley Fieldhouse which appears to be not only the more intimate venue of the three but also an enchanting space filled with greenery and vintage accents.

Photo credits: Berkeley Events Website


7. Evergreen Brickworks

Known for its innovative and sustainable efforts, Evergreen Brickworks strives to make the city of Toronto a more green and livable place to be. Not only are they committed to environmental efforts, but they’re also known for their unique event spaces! Surrounded by both nature and stunning heritage buildings, any of their spaces would provide a stunning backdrop for your special day.

Photo credits: Bisous Events Instagram 

8. Globe and Mail Centre

Give your micro-wedding the taste of luxury and style at none other than the Globe and Mail Centre! Another venue that caters to weddings of many sizes, this venue is unique in terms of its location and elegant feel. One of our favourite parts of this space is the massive terrace, giving you and your guests some of the best panoramic views the city of Toronto has to offer.

Photo credits: Mango Studios 

9. Second Floor Events

If you’re a fan of the rustic wedding theme, Second Floor Events could be the perfect venue for you! Covered in exposed brick and large beautiful windows, this venue offers more than just stunning interior design. Not only does Second Floor offer couples access to their in-house catering team and 36-foot bar (yes, you read that right), but also two kinds of ceremony packages equipped with all of the essentials you’d need to execute your dream day.

Photo credits: Second Floor Events Instagram

Picking a wedding venue can be tough, especially for couples who wish to keep their big day small and simple. Regardless of what venue you decide to go with, we know it’ll be just as special as the love you and your partner share for each other. We’re incredibly proud to be partnered with a few of the venues listed to help get their clients covered in time for events, and we hope you’ll adore them just as much as we do.

With that said, congratulations and happy venue hunting! 

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