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6 Risk Prevention Tips For OAAS Vendors

Posted by Rachel Devitt | Vendors

As we prepare for a busy event season, it’s important to ensure you’re taking all the necessary precautions to enjoy a safe, happy experience at your local OAAS event. At Duuo, our goal is to provide vendors with the coverage they need to feel protected in the event something does go wrong, but that doesn’t mean vendors can’t take steps of their own to help mitigate potential risk. 

In this blog, we’ve outlined some tips on how to make sure your market stand is extra secure so you can get ready to show off your goods confidently at the market this season! 

1. Be mindful of tripping hazards around your booth or stand

Tripping hazards can be things like cords, containers, pop-up signs, and canopy stakes or guylines. Ground equipment like canopy weights, produce, and other stand equipment can also be a tripping hazard should an event attendee accidentally come into contact with it. Make sure to do a quick survey around your booth  and ensure that all tripping hazards are well out of the way of any shoppers or their children before the market opens to the public.

2. Keep an eye on falling hazards

Falling hazards can become particularly dangerous in the event of a weather change. In this situation, you’ll want to be sure not only that your canopy or stand is secured to the ground, but any shelving you have in your booth cannot be pulled down or knocked over. Prior to the start of the event, make sure to do a quick wind-test at your market stand to ensure everything is properly secured and fastened, so that if wind picks up or a storm begins, your items will stay put.

3. Watch out for potential slip and fall accidents

The best way to avoid a slip and fall accident at your stand is to be diligent in ensuring the area around your booth is free from liquid, as well as any squashed produce or other items that could cause someone to slip. One of the best ways to ensure you’re maintaining a slip-free environment is to keep a written log of your booth inspection and cleaning throughout the day. Not only will this remind you to do a regular check, but in the event that someone does slip, fall, and sue you, you’ll have a log to refer back to that will provide proof of your routine inspections. 

4. Stack accordingly

As you start to unpack your stand items, it’s important to display them in a way that is eye-catching to your potential customers while making sure they’re safe to interact with. Don’t stack anything that customers may not be able to safely grab, or have anything in a position where one item is taken and the rest of your items come crashing to the ground.

5. Keep sharp and breakable items out of reach

If your booth features any items that could be hazardous if a shopper or their child interacts with them incorrectly, make sure to keep them safely stored during market hours. This can include things like glassware, scissors, box cutters, produce trimming knives, craft making tools, equipment etc. If breakables/sharp objects are crucial to your stand and must be displayed, consider putting out some signage that lets guests know they cannot take or touch any items and must ask a stand attendant if they would like to hold anything.

6. Follow general food safety practices

If your booth features the sale of food, it’s crucial to follow food safety practices when serving anything edible to event attendees. This includes practices like ensuring any food that could potentially spoil is kept at the proper temperature, food served is fresh and not sitting around all day, food expiration dates are closely monitored, etc. In general, you want to make sure your customers are getting the best quality food, significantly reducing the risk of them getting sick as a result of your booth. 

Following these general tips is a great way to set yourself up for a successful event experience. That said, even the most cautious and safety-minded individuals can experience accidents during their experience as a vendor at an OAAS event. That’s where Duuo comes in. We offer a slice of comfort that allows you to focus on the precautions you can control, knowing that if an accident were to take place, we’ve got you covered. Get a quote for your next farmers’ market event today! 

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