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Event Planners @ Home: Lynzie Kent

Posted by Rachel Devitt | Events

Meet Lynzie Kent

Over the last year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of talented Canadian event planners who’ve trusted Duuo Event Insurance to keep their clients protected.

As we adjust to this period of social distancing, we wanted to check in on some of these amazing event planners to find out what they’ve been up to during their time at home, and what they’re most excited to get back to when things get back to normal.

Owner and creative director of Love By Lynzie, an event planning company based in Toronto, Lyznie Kent has been busy over the last few weeks! In addition to homeschooling her two kids (and maybe squeezing in an episode or two of Too Hot Too Handle!), Lynzie has been working with clients to find solutions for weddings that have been postponed. We caught up with her to find out what keeps her inspired as she works from home!

Have you picked up any new skills during quarantine? 

Other than becoming extremely proficient in Zoom, Hard no. Ha! My quarantine has been all about finding solutions for over 40 couples whose weddings have been postponed, trying to work full time from home while parenting and homeschooling 2 children, and attempting to keep up with my workouts so I don’t lose my mind. I’ve had real ups and downs during this whole experience, so I’m trying to keep the pressure off where I can.

What is your favourite part of event planning?

I absolutely adore the creative process. I love sharing and brainstorming ideas and then being a part of the team that actually brings these ideas to life. Watching our client’s faces while enjoying the spaces we create is worth all the muscle aches!

How would you describe your signature style?

Our events are first and foremost inspired by our clients. So, if neutral and modern feels authentic to the client, we’ll not only do that, we’ll nail it. However, I would say that most people tend to describe us as colourful, funky, and bohemian. We’re not afraid to design and celebrate with colour. We understand how to create joy in a space through unconventional shapes and treatments. Our look is whimsical and fun, I like to say our portfolio is a black hole for Pinterest lovers!

What is the most interesting event you’ve ever planned?

The most interesting (and most fun) event we ever planned was the inaugural chapel for my other company, The Pop-Up Chapel Co. We planned a shared wedding where we married 10 couples in one day, one couple on the hour every hour, for 10 hours straight. It was truly a thrill- we’d never done it before but somehow we pulled it off! Our couples didn’t run into each other, we designed a killer room, and everyone left the venue happily married! It was an incredible experience and was so well received that we’ve made it into a thriving 2nd business. We now execute 10 chapels yearly in Toronto alone, have expanded across Canada and have married hundreds of couples in our chapels.

Why do you think people will be eager to return to hosting events? What makes in-person events so special?

Virtual events are fun and cool, but you cannot mistake the energy from real people. You can’t feel the heat from a sweaty dance floor. You can’t embrace someone when they are welling up. You can’t give the perfect handshake at a networking event. People long for human connection and so much of that is found through energy exchanged in person, human to human contact. Humans have been gathering for centuries because it unites us. There is power, emotion, energy, inspiration in gathering. We aren’t going to stop.

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