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Duuo Help Blog: How do I change my address for my Duuo Tenant Insurance?

Posted by Jeff He

If you have moved or are moving, you will need to cancel your current policy and create a new one. This is easy to do and will take you less than three minutes. Here are the three steps you will need to follow to change your address. 

Step 1: Wait until 14 days or less before you plan to move

This is because you can only pick a future cancellation date that is 14 days or less away. This will also ensure that you have continuous coverage in place during the move. 

Step 2: Cancel your current policy

Sign into your Duuo account, go to your dashboard and select the policy you would like to cancel. When you are asked when you would like to cancel the policy, choose the date you will be moving out of your current address. 

There will be no cancellation fee, and you will receive a refund for any extra days you have already paid for. It can take up to 10 days to receive the refund from your credit card company.  

Step 3: Buy your new policy

From your Duuo Dashboard, click the “add address” button. Then click “Let’s Duuo This” to start the process to get a quote and buy a policy for your new address. Remember to pick the start date that is the same day you move into your new place.

That’s it! Enjoy your move!