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3 Tips for Booking the Perfect Wedding Venue

Posted by Katrina Szymczak | Events

Picking the right venue for your wedding is a big part of establishing the tone and vibe of your special day, but it can be quite the journey to find the best one for you and your significant other. In this blog, we’ll share a few tips to think about when it comes to finding the perfect venue for your big day!

1. Take other events at the venue into account

Make sure to research other events happening at the venue, asking about any events that are occurring near or on your date at the venues you look at. Maybe a small wedding is being held on the other side of the venue, or maybe a loud bagpipe concert is taking place in the ballroom beside yours, drowning out your carefully curated playlist. 

If other events are scheduled to take place during your wedding, certain sections of the venue may be blocked off to your guests. Additional gatherings near or at the same time as your wedding can also mean that parking for your guests may be hard to come by. Taking the time to research what other events are being held at your venue can ensure that you are prepared to prevent any inconveniences on your special day. 

2. Consider the accessibility of the venue

Accessibility is a very important aspect to consider when choosing a wedding venue in order to make sure all of your guests are comfortable! Consider if elevators or ramps are needed for your guests. In addition, think about how and if you will be able to give clear directions to the venue, and whether or not parking will be available. It’s essential to not just consider the accessibility for your beloved guests, but for your vendors too! Make sure that there is ample space for vendors to transport and hold their equipment or products at the venue. As well, it’s important to note where and how vendors can drop off their equipment on your wedding day.

3. Ask about the venue’s vendor partnerships

Some venues partner with certain vendors in order to provide a great experience to wedding hosts. Venues may exclusively use a certain DJ or catering company for all events, so make sure you know about all of the vendor partnerships before booking a venue to avoid breaking any rules and to ensure your venue has vendors that complement your taste and style. Keep these vendor partnerships in mind and compare different venues and their partnerships to find the service providers that can best carry out your dream wedding!

These three tips to consider when booking your wedding venue will surely help you prepare for your big day. In addition, purchasing an event insurance policy from Duuo can help you further prepare for any unexpected accidents that may take place on your special day. Many venues actually recommend that you purchase insurance prior to your event, and require you to show proof before it’s set to begin! With Duuo, you can get a free quote and purchase an event insurance policy in just minutes, giving you more time to spend seeking out your dream venue! To learn more about Duuo Event Insurance, visit our event insurance page. If you have further questions about what is and what isn’t covered under your event insurance policy, start a chat with one of our friendly licensed sales representatives.