VENDOR INSURANCE: Exclusively for FMNS Vendor Members

150-Day Flex Packages now available, starting at $188. 1-Day, 4-Day and 26-Day also available

NOTE: These packages are available exclusively to FMNS Vendor Members. They allow you to exhibit at any event in Nova Scotia while only paying for the days you need.

Package Options

As a FMNS Vendor Member, you have access to exclusive Flex Policies and preferred partner pricing with Duuo. Flex Policies allow you to exhibit for multiple nonconsecutive days or events while under one affordable policy. Choose from a series of options so you only pay for exactly what you need!

1-Day Policy: $12
4-Day Flex Policy: $40
26-Day Flex Policy: $156
150-Day Flex Policy: $188


Pricing is based on a liability limit of $2 million and a booth size that is 200 sq. ft. or under. A food vendor is defined as someone who is preparing/serving food.

What does vendor insurance cover?

Duuo’s Vendor Insurance policies cover the following:

  • Liability (Bodily Injury & Property Damage)
  • Tenants’ legal liability
  • Medical payments*
  • Products-completed operations
*We offer limited coverage for medical expenses incurred. For more detailed information on what’s covered, please refer to your policy.

How to purchase

Curious to see just how easy it is to purchase Duuo’s preferred vendor insurance? Check out our 2-minute instructional video below!

Duuo & Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia

We’ve partnered with FMNS to create insurance packages tailored to the needs of today’s vendors and market managers. Purchase a policy or submit a claim entirely online. Duuo is a proudly Canadian company, owned by Co-operators.

Please note that you MUST be a member of the Farmers’ Markets Nova Scotia program to access these packages. To learn more about the program and join, visit the FMNS here.