Find out how Duuo’s tenant insurance solution works for property managers!

Who is Duuo?

At Duuo, we’re changing the way property managers look at tenant insurance. We understand that as property managers, you want to ensure your space is protected, but the process of tracking tenant insurance across multiple properties is a major headache. We’re here to fix that. 

Our goal is to make it easy for property managers to track tenant insurance across all properties, while seamlessly integrating with your tenant application process. You’ll feel confident providing your tenants with an affordable, reliable insurance solution, without any additional work needed from you! 

How do we help property managers?

At Duuo, we’re constantly innovating to create better solutions for renters and property managers. Here’s how:

We’re developing APIs that will allow us to seamlessly integrate with your property management software, providing tenants with straightforward access to purchase coverage.
Property managers who rely on Duuo will receive automatic email alerts when one of their tenants purchases, or cancels insurance coverage.
As a referred partner, your clients will receive a special rate on the cost of their tenant insurance premium!
Tired of the lengthy claims process? We’re working on an AI-powered claims process that will process and payout certain claims within 15 minutes of submission.
What does tenant insurance cover?

Each tenant insurance policy issued by Duuo includes the following:

Insurance termDuuo translation
1. Your “personal liability”Your protection against lawsuits. You can pick $1 million or $2 million dollars of coverage.
2. Your “additional living expenses”Money you can use if you can’t stay in your home for some reason.
3. Your “contents coverage”Money you can use to replace your stuff if it gets damaged or stolen.
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