Short-Term Rental Insurance

Protect your home, one night at a time.

It’s the new way of Duuo-ing things.

The best news about Duuo on-demand coverage is that it’s affordable. You turn us on when you rent your place, and turn us off when your guests check out, for about $8 dollars per night.

The second best thing is that we’re brought to you by the trusted insurance folks at Co-operators. They have decades of experience writing policies and coverages.

So they know what they’re Duuo-ing!

I really appreciate the extra protection. My guests have been wonderful and have come from as far away as Switzerland. Thank you Duuo for partnering with me!
Faye, British Columbia
I just started using Duuo and have a great first impression. It should help ease my concerns about hosting through Airbnb.
Steve, Ontario

We know what you’re saying. “Do I really need Duuo?”

Well, yes you Duuo!

Unless your policy clearly states that short-term rental activity is permitted, you may not be covered for homeshare related losses. Some platforms such as Airbnb provide hosts with two protection programs: The Host Guarantee, which is meant to protect the Host’s property; and the Host Protection Insurance, which is designed to protect the Host’s liability.

These are great, but they are not meant to replace an insurance policy, and hosts should not depend on them for protection. A platform’s guarantee may state that it will help try and recover damages, but this is merely a contingent plan, not comprehensive insurance.

Compare theirs to ours and we’re confident you’ll say I do to Duuo.

Our short-term rental policies include $2 million in commercial liability, the full replacement cost of your home and its contents, plus an additional 15 coverages specific to short-term rentals including infestation, social host liability, vandalism, loss of income, and more.

Want to do your Duuo diligence?

A few claims about our claims.

Filing a claim with Duuo saves time and trees. Just like our name, the process is short and sweet! Submit your claim online without phone calls, hold times, or paperwork.

This is Luc, our head of Claims. He’s a real guy with a hilarious laugh. Luc’s mission in life is to make you say, “Wow. That was easy”.
We get it. Stuff happens. But we’ve got you covered. And if really big stuff happens, you’re even covered for loss of income.
If you have a claim, just hop online, and before your coffee is finished, you’ll be all set.

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