Peer-to-peer equipment rental insurance from Duuo!

Approved Platforms

In order to be elligible for Duuo’s Short-Term Rental Insurance, your cottage must be listed on an approved platform. If your cottage is on an unapproved platform, contact Duuo to get it approved!

Who is Duuo?

A digital brand of Co-operators, Duuo is the only insurance company in Canada to offer on-demand “rent-my-stuff” insurance to equipment owners! Recognizing a coverage gap in the emerging sharing economy, Duuo designed our “rent-my-stuff” coverage to remove the risk and discomfort associated with lending your items out to individuals through peer-to-peer platforms.

How do we work with P2P platforms?

Duuo seamlessly integrates with P2P platforms, allowing equipment owners to purchase coverage when their item has been requested or loaned out. Users can simply click a button to add insurance onto their rental agreement and boom! They’re covered.

What are the benefits of rent-my-stuff insurance?

Why should your users purchase insurance? We’re here to tell you:

  • It’s designed to protect your belongings in the event of theft, loss, or accidental damage.
  • It’s on-demand. This means you only pay for coverage while your stuff is being rented.
  • It can be easily purchased online in minutes.
  • It was created to remove the headache of relying on your renter to get proper insurance.
  • It’s supported by a simple, online claims process.

*Individual circumstances may vary. You may wish to contact the licensed insurer’s representative or a licensed insurance agent if you need advice about your insurance needs.

How does rent-my-stuff insurance work?

When a user purchases rent-my-stuff insurance, they are purchasing coverage for the property they are loaning out through their P2P platform. That means a policyholder is covered for theft, damage, or mysterious disappearance of the item. Our goal is to take some of the stress and hesitation away from participating in the sharing economy. With Duuo, you can share away knowing we’ve got your back.


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