Insurance for Shuttershare users

“Rent-my-Stuff” Insurance for Shuttershare users

Duuo, an on-demand insurance solution provided by The Co-operators, is thrilled to be working with Shuttershare. As a lister on Shuttershare, you will now be able to rent out your gear with total confidence that it’s protected.

Here’s why getting Duuo will be better for you

Although you may be used to your renters getting insurance, it’s actually to your advantage to get it yourself.

That’s because if something does happen to your gear, we want you to be able to deal directly with us to make a claim. This will save you time and headaches. Plus it will get you back in business much quicker.

Don’t worry. The cost of insurance stays with your renter

Even though the insurance will now be under your name, the cost remains with your renter. So there will be no impact on how much you need to charge for your gear. The cost of insurance will simply be added as a “protection fee” during the booking process.

The Protection Duuo Offers

With Duuo, your gear is protected from:

  • Theft
  • Loss or disappearance of gear
  • Accidental damage or breakage
How much coverage will I have?

When you apply for Duuo coverage you’ll be shown the maximum value of your policy. This amount is determined by the info you provide about your gear.

If something does happen to your gear:

  • If your gear is less than 24 months old, Duuo will pay for its replacement cost or the cost of repairs.
  • If your gear is more than 24 months old, Duuo will pay for its actual cash value up to the limit.
What are some of the key benefits of Rent-my-Stuff Insurance?

Rent-my-Stuff Insurance from Duuo is:

  • Deductible-free.
  • “On-demand”. This means you only pay for coverage while your stuff is being rented.
  • Easily purchased online in minutes.
  • A very comprehensive policy with limited exclusions.
  • Supported by a simple, online claims process.

Have more questions? Check out our handy FAQ section.