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So, you’ve decided to enter the exciting world of being a short-term rental property host. That’s great! In all likelihood you’ve chosen to list your property on one of the excellent platforms available in Canada like HomeAway (VRBO).

But whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a seasoned host, you probably have some concerns about handing strangers the keys to your home. That’s why it’s so important to have the right short-term rental property insurance for your HomeAway (VRBO) rental property.

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Homeowners insurance

Total Coverage

When we started hosting on Airbnb we had no idea we needed additional insurance to cover us. Fortunately, Duuo is a great solution because it's pay-as-you-go.
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So why get insurance from Duuo?

If you think about it, awesome platforms like HomeAway (VRBO) just didn’t exist when home insurance policies were designed. Unfortunately, this created gaps in coverage that are now leaving many HomeAway (VRBO) hosts vulnerable. This is a key point that VRBO mentions in their Help section under the question “Do I need a special vacation rental insurance policy for my property?”:

“Yes, and here’s why: Most vacation rental owners carry either homeowners or landlord insurance policy, both of which have significant coverage gaps.” – HomeAway (VRBO)

That’s why Duuo was developed by The Co-operators! With that in mind, here are a few reasons why getting HomeAway (VRBO) insurance is so important:

  • Many home insurance policies do not cover short-term rental property activity
  • To protect yourself and your home, it’s important to have an insurance policy that is under your name specifically
  • Proper coverage will protect you from the unique challenges hosts face like damage to appliances and rental income interruption
  • Coverage will include up to $2 million dollars in liability protection
  • Replacement cost for the value of your home up to $1.5 million
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But doesn’t HomeAway (VRBO) already provide insurance?

Great question! HomeAway (VRBO) provides hosts with their $1M Liability Insurance program, which is designed to protect the Host’s liability. This is a nice bonus, but it isn’t meant to replace an actual insurance policy. HomeAway (VRBO) is actually quite clear about this distinction:

“We do not provide liability insurance protection for owners, property managers, or travelers; regardless of whether a user obtains insurance coverage through one of our third party providers. Users are solely responsible for obtaining insurance coverage sufficient to protect their properties and guests or their trip, as applicable.” – HomeAway (VRBO) Terms and Conditions

Plus, there’s the issue of damage to your home. This type of risk is noted as an exclusion in the policy summary:

“The Program excludes coverage for the following: Damage to Property: Property damage to property an Insured owns, rents, or occupies, including any costs or expenses incurred by an Insured for repair, replacement, enhancement, restoration, or maintenance of such property for any reason, including prevention of injury to a person or damage to another’s property.” – HomeAway (VRBO) $1M Liability Insurance Policy Summary

So now that we know why getting short-term rental insurance is so important, let us tell you a bit more about Duuo!

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What does Duuo offer?

You can think of Duuo like the hot fudge on top of your insurance sundae. You keep your existing home insurance policy, but then Duuo provides coverage for both you and your home for risks related to your short-term rental. So easy!

Duuo is 100% digital and “on-demand”. That means you only pay for the nights you host guests.

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I really appreciate the extra protection. My guests have been wonderful and have come from as far away as Switzerland. Thank you Duuo for partnering with me!

Faye, British Columbia

I just started using Duuo and have a great first impression. It should help ease my concerns about hosting through Airbnb.

Steve, Ontario

Want to learn more about our coverage for HomeAway (VRBO) hosts?

Looking for more detail on the coverage you get with Duuo? No problem, here is a summary of our coverage!

Property coverage

Duuo covers your home, contents, and any additional buildings on your property for replacement cost. Additional expenses for other living arrangements during repairs of an insured loss are also covered. The standard property deductible is $1,000, but many coverages are deductible-free.

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Extensions of Property

Customized coverage designed to protect the particular risks you face as a short-term rental owner including vandalism, malicious damage, and water damage at full policy limits.

Plus, the following additional coverages at no deductible:

Accidental breakage of valuable articles – $2,500
Excessive use of internet – $1,000
Infestation coverage – $5,000
Legal expense coverage – $5,000
Property of guests – $5,000
Accidental damage to electronics and appliances – $2,500
Identity fraud expense – $10,000
Citations, fines, and penalties – $1,000
Rental interruption coverage – Actual Loss

Liability coverage

Should a claim be made against you for bodily injury or property damage occurring during a rental, we’ve got you covered. We pay for any damages awarded against you, up to $2,000,000.

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Extensions of Liability

We offer customized coverage to protect your additional liability as a short-term rental owner. There is no deductible for these coverages:

Guest’s vandalism to neighbours – $2,000,000
Infestation liability – $10,000
Guest’s water damage to neighbours – $2,000,000

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