Duuo Gig Insurance

Reliable, on-demand coverage designed for gig platforms.

Who is Duuo?

Established by Co-operators, Duuo is focused on creating on-demand insurance solutions to meet the needs of the evolving Canadian digital economy. Recognizing a gap in the market, Duuo began work on a gig liability insurance product that could meet the needs of the growing number of Canadians participating in the gig economy. The first iteration of Duuo Gig Insurance was launched in May 2020 to provide with daily coverage.

How does Duuo work with gig platforms?

Duuo’s ability to integrate insurance solutions with partner platforms through APIs allows users to seamlessly obtain insurance when booking their gig work. As such, gig workers can easily purchase insurance coverage when booking upcoming gigs, with minimal interaction away from their platform. 

As a pioneer in this space, Duuo is one of the first Canadian insurance companies to offer this integration for third-party platforms.

Why should I ask users to purchase gig insurance?

Duuo Gig Insurance protects gig workers against unforeseen circumstances on the job, allowing them to confidently get their work done.

Additionally, a gig worker with coverage is likely to inspire confidence and trust in their clients, thus increasing activity in the gig platform and ultimately the platform’s long term success.

How does gig insurance work?

Gig liability insurance from Duuo provides $2 million in liability protection against claims that unintentionally arise from work. As a result, Duuo will cover a gig worker in the event of the following circumstances:

  • If the insured injures a customer or damages their property.
  • If the insured’s completed work results in an injury to others or damage to their property.
  • For medical payments for injuries to others regardless of fault.
  • For legal fees to defend the insured in the above situations.

Duuo’s gig liability insurance is based on a per-day rate, ideal for independent gig workers who do not want annual contractor’s liability policies. So even if you work different kinds of gigs on the same day, you’ll just need one policy!


We’re always searching for new and exciting platforms to partner with in the gig space. As a Duuo partner, you’ll benefit from the following:

Gain instant credibility for your platform (Duuo is owned by Co-operators).

Establish trust with your clients by offering an affordable insurance solution with no long-term commitment.

Ditch the headache of dealing with customer claims.


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