Duuo complaint resolution process

If there are any questions or concerns about this policy or the handling of your claim, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us at:


For Sales and Claims:

Duuo Insurance Services Inc.

1400, One York Street

Toronto ON M5J 0B

Toll Free: 1-833-981-3886



If your concern remains unresolved, you may contact the Ombuds Office.


Ombuds Office

The Co-operators Group Limited

130 Macdonell Street

Guelph ON N1H 6P8

Tel: 1-877-720-6733



Handling Complaints

If you have already shared your policy concerns with us or your claims concerns with your claims adjuster, but feel that the matter remains unresolved, you may wish to submit your complaint to the Ombuds Office.

Once your complaint has been properly submitted to the Ombuds Office, and after the Ombuds Office review, you’ll receive a written response, except in the case where a simple complaint or concern can be cleared up over the phone. We complete most investigations within 30 business days of receiving your complaint and all supporting documentation. If we can’t meet this deadline, we will contact you and let you know why we need extra time and when you can expect a response.

The written response from the Ombuds Office is considered the company’s final position.

Independent assistance

If we are not able to resolve your concerns to your satisfaction and you want to pursue the matter further, you may contact the General Insurance OmbudService (GIO). The GIO is an independent service that offers recourse to consumers who have not been able to resolve their complaint by dealing with their insurance company.

For clients in Québec, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) also provides support. The AMF is a regulatory body established by the provincial government of Québec.

Regulation of complaint handling procedures

We have filed our complaint handling procedures with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), an independent government body that regulates consumer provisions relating to financial services, including insurance. If you have a specific concern regarding our complaint process or a specific consumer provision, you may raise these concerns with the FCAC. The FCAC can provide tips on how to make a complaint; however, they do not get involved in individual disputes.

If You Appoint Someone to Complain on Your Behalf

You can appoint someone to act on your behalf; however, we will need written confirmation that they have your permission to do so. You can download and fill-in a Representative Declaration Form and then email it directly to us at: helpme@duuo.ca. This will enable us to deal with your chosen representative. Please note that any professional fees incurred will be your responsibility. Click here to learn more about our complaint resolution process.

Complaint FAQ

Who are the Underwriters?

The Underwriters are the licensed insurance company that have issued legal licenced insurance paper as security against the coverage provided by your policy. The Underwriters of your Duuo policy are Co-operators General Insurance Company (CGIC), a Canadian owned multi-line property and casualty insurance company. CGIC’s Financial Strength Rating is: AM Best A- (Excellent). CGIC is licensed to write property and casualty insurance across Canada.

Will my complaint take 30 business days to be resolved?

The 30 business day period is simply a guarantee that your complaint will be resolved in that timeframe. Most complaints are resolved long before then, often on the first contact made by the Insured.

Can you amend or cancel my policy?

We do not cancel any policy, nor do we issue any amendments.

Can I withdraw my complaint at any time?

Yes, you may withdraw your complaint at any time. In certain jurisdictions we will have a regulatory obligation to issue a response to the complaint, even if withdrawn.