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Your top five FAQs answered!

Posted by Sunni Shannon | Duuo

From the beginning of social distancing to the re-emergence of in-person events, we’ve received a ton of questions over the last few months regarding your coverage. Whether you’re wondering how to cancel your coverage or interested in learning more about your specific limits, our friendly staff are always on-hand to answer any and all of your questions. We’ve rounded up some of the most common questions we’ve received over the last few months, making it easier for you to find the answers you’re looking for.

Q: My event or short-term rental stay has been cancelled as a result of COVID. How can I cancel my Duuo insurance as it’s no longer needed?

A: One of the great things about Duuo insurance policies is that you can cancel them in advance of your event, your stay, or your gig, and Duuo will return 100% of your money (without service or cancellation fees!). 

Q: I’m not using one of the approved short-term rental platforms. Can I still purchase Duuo’s short-term rental insurance? 

A: In order to purchase Duuo short-term rental coverage, you need to be using an approved platform. The criteria that we use to approve platforms allows us to ensure that the platform builds in a level of security for both owners/hosts and renters/guests. 

We’re able to accomplish this by approving platforms that feature Terms and Conditions that protect both parties, a clear Privacy Policy, Terms of Service that state what activities are not permitted, authentication of guest identities, confirmed host profiles, host and guest ratings, and a host of other protections.

That being said, we’re always looking to add new home sharing platforms to our list of approved partners! Please email us the name of the site you are using and we can review it to determine if it meets our eligibility requirements. 


Q: I think I need to make a claim, but I’m not sure how to do it.

A: You can submit a claim online in minutes! Log in to your Duuo account, click on the “Claims” tab, and our claims bot will ask a few questions. You’ll have a chance to tell us what happened and provide any supporting documents. 

Once you’ve reported a claim, we’ll assign a claims adjuster to help you out. You can expect to be contacted by your assigned adjuster within one business day. If your claim is deemed to be an emergency, the adjuster will respond immediately upon assignment.

If you’re confused about whether or not your incident merits a claim, it never hurts to shoot us a message and ask!

Q: I’ve signed up for a Duuo account, but now I have questions about what’s covered and don’t know where to find out more. 

A: All policy wordings are available right on our website. We’ve also highlighted the important points in our one-page summary documents! Just navigate to the top bar of our website, find the insurance coverage you are looking at and scroll through that page. You can also email us, reach out to our online chat support, message us through Facebook, or DM us on Instagram should you have any questions regarding coverage! 

Q: What is the building limit for my home, or my content/liability limit, etc? I don’t know what my limits are and I want to understand these before I purchase a policy from you. 

A: The easiest place to see the limits of your insurance is on the “final details screen”, seen as you are almost finished purchasing coverage.

Make sure you have created a Duuo user account and proceed through all the steps. After we’ve gathered some details about what you need coverage for, we will present the limits for your policy. This gives you plenty of review time before you purchase!

Still haven’t found the answer you’re looking for? Our friendly licensed reps are always on-hand to answer any of your questions. Shoot us an email at info@duuo.ca, or use the chat window to get in touch! 

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