Over the last few years, the Duuo by Co-operators team has been working hard to develop alternative ways to provide insurance products to Canadians. Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our first embedded insurance API (application programming interface).

This is an exciting and advanced integration technology designed for Canadian businesses that want to enhance their customer experience by providing insurance to their customers directly within their own platforms. Thinking back to when we incubated Duuo by Co-operators in 2018, the word “proud” is an understatement of what I’m feeling about this team and this exciting milestone.

I’m proud to say that today, we’re backed by not only 75 years of insurance experience through Co-operators but also the expertise of many incredibly talented tech gurus and business specialists ready to help incorporate our technology into our partners’ offerings.

With that said, the first API product launch will be for our Duuo Event Insurance solution; offering event booking platforms a simple way to provide event hosts with the option to book their desired venue and secure coverage all in one seamless experience!

Truly embedded insurance

This new journey we’re embarking on rapidly expands our ability to allow partners to grow and differentiate themselves in their own market on their own terms. It should also encourage Canadian businesses to think about how an embedded insurance solution can add value to their offerings.

We are getting tremendous early feedback on our embedded insurance solution from partners. The top comments we’ve received so far are:

1. It’s really easy to integrate, and

2. We’re incredibly flexible with our integrations.

We can provide the API so our partners can simply plug it into their existing journey, or we can create and customize the whole experience for them. We’re flexible in our approach because we’ve come to understand that different companies need different things, and I think that’s the greatest value here—we’re listening, adapting, and providing solutions that our partners and their customers will both benefit from.

But convenience is just one layer of the value we provide. The coverage itself is simply excellent and truly designed to meet the needs of our customers. Being underwritten by Co-operators, our policies offer customers access to quality coverage—and in the end, that’s what really matters here. The ability to provide customers with not just convenience but coverage they can genuinely rely on is what makes this solution so compelling.

Let’s partner!

The expectations users have of their digital platforms will only continue to rise. Your clients want to have their needs met quickly and easily. That’s why I think every enterprise should be thinking about their embedded insurance strategy. Having a great insurance partner is the first step in that critical thinking. Why? Because it’s the simplest way to provide a new layer of convenience to your customers and your overall business. It’s a time-saver, a money-saver, and enhances your own customer experience with you barely having to lift a finger (because that’s our job).

With that said, we’re incredibly excited to be launching this embedded platform and are officially ready to begin working with new partners! Click here to learn more about our embedded insurance partnership platform.