Duuo’s Vendor Content Library for Partners

Designed for event and market organizers, this library is designed to help your vendors get set up with Duuo Vendor Insurance

Looking for more information on what Duuo Vendor Insurance provides to vendors? Check out our informative blogs and downloadable resources below!

Duuo Vendor Insurance policy summary

What does Duuo Vendor Insurance cover? Check out this easy to read policy summary which provides a quick description of each coverage covered under our policy.

Email content

Our email templates make it easy for event and market organizers to communicate the importance of insurance to their vendors. Feel free to use this messaging in any of your standard emails, or send them on their own!

What is vendor insurance?

As your vendors start to prepare for their event or market, make sure they check out our handy 1-pager to learn more about the benefits of purchasing a vendor insurance policy.

Vendor checklist

Provide your vendors with Duuo’s Vendor Checklist to ensure they and other event and market-goers are safe this season

Meet Jessie

While we always want things to go according to plan, Jessie’s story shows what can happen if something goes wrong. Check out her story here and find out how her Duuo policy kept her protected. 


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Check out our blog

Learn more about our vendor policy exclusions, so vendors know what to look out for during their experience participating in events or markets!