Tenant Insurance for Karla Rewards Tenants

Affordable, Convenient Housing with Karla Rewards & Duuo by Co-operators

In collaboration with Karla Rewards, Duuo by Co-operators is on a joint mission to make Canadian housing more affordable and convenient. This partnership underscores our collective efforts to not only seamlessly insure but also reduce living costs, adding substantial value to the Canadian housing market.

My co-founder and I experienced first-hand the amazing seamlessness of Duuo during a Wedding ceremony, where within minutes, we were able to execute a fully Event Insurance day contract without the need to ever speak to a human over the phone!” – Robin Gray, CEO

What is tenant insurance?

Tenant insurance provides coverage for renters, protecting them in the event of an accident in their home. In a nutshell, tenant insurance is designed to cover the costs associated with unintentional loss or damage.

What’s covered?

Personal Liability: Protection against lawsuits.

Additional Living Expenses: Money tenants can use in the event they can’t stay in their home.

Contents Coverage: Covers the replacement cost of personal belongings.