Exploring Duuo & EasyInsure

Purchasing event or vendor insurance? Learn more about these two Canadian insurance options!

About EasyInsure

EasyInsure, operated by Belyer Insurance Limited, was established in 2007 by Grant Belanger and Leen Meyer. A pioneer in the full-service online insurance space, EasyInsure grew as the market began to demand more online solutions. EasyInsure offers a full suite of personal and commercial insurance products, including event liability and tenant insurance. The Canadian insurance company operates from their main office in Windsor, Ontario. 

You can get a quote from EasyInsure online, by phone or by email.

About Duuo Event and Vendor Insurance

A brand of The Co-operators, Duuo was created to provide Canadians with digital, on-demand solutions that can be purchased in minutes. 

Removing the hassle of service or cancellation fees, Duuo’s insurance is designed to meet the needs of our ever-evolving digital and sharing economies. Our event and vendor liability insurance products can be purchased up to the day of a scheduled event, and our affordable rates make it easy for event hosts or vendors to enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with reliable coverage.


Look at what our customers are saying about Duuo!

Everything was easy, fast and smooth. I will use them again in the future.
Hazel Ann Rodriguez
I messed up the first time I used Duuo and emailed them. They replied within a few hours and we got it sorted. Easy to use and very reasonably priced.
Joel Gray
Easy, efficient and highly recommended. Who would of thought that insurance for your venues could be so easy and extremely affordable. Thank you DUUO!
Patrick Kimmell
The most simple and easy to use website I found for insurance. Recommended!
Nicole Baldwin
Excellent option for event insurance. Will defintely utiilize Duuo again!
Polly Krier