Duuo by Co-operators 2024 Embedded Insurance Report

A study based on consumer and insurance trends in Canada.

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Duuo by Co-operators conducted an online survey of 1200+ Canadians over the age of 21 to learn more about consumer trends in insurance.

As we continue to learn more about the embedded insurance space in Canada, there were a few areas of interest we wanted to explore further to better understand the implications an embedded insurance strategy could have on non-insurance brands.

Here’s who responded:

  • 75% car owners
  • 52% homeowners
  • 39% tenants
  • 3% unidentifiable

Here’s what we learned

Canadians want to be rewarded for brand loyalty and behaviour

Embedded insurance could be the key to unlocking new value for non-insurance brands

Canadians trust their favourite brands enough to provide them with additional, reliable services

Canadians want insurance experiences embedded into their favourite platforms

A few key metrics

  • 95% of Canadians would be more likely to stay loyal to a brand if they received additional rewards and services.
  • 81% of Canadians would be open to trying a new insurance brand just to get more control over their insurance rates.
  • 92% of Canadians are open to trying new products and services from the brands they trust.
  • 67% of Canadians want to be able to get auto or home insurance while buying their home or vehicle.

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