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Three effective ways to promote your event planning services on social media

Posted by Hayleigh Smith | Events

It’s obvious that social media has become an integral part of business strategies within the last few years. In fact, some businesses have started entirely from the ground up on platforms like Instagram and Facebook! Considering there are millions of active users on different platforms every day, it’s no wonder that social media has greatly impacted the success and growth of the events industry today. 

As an established event planner, it’s likely that you’re already aware of the power social media holds. However, you may be looking for some more effective ways to drive attention to your social pages and in general, increase business! If this sounds like you, stick around to learn more.

1. Actively engage with partners and clients

Utilizing social platforms allows you to connect with clients and partners in a way that emails or video chats simply can’t do! By continuously engaging with your business partners, you have a better chance of maintaining and growing your relationship with them. 

The goal of partner engagement is to forge a connection, and you can do this in a few different ways such as: following them on different social platforms, supporting and re-posting their content, creating educational posts that benefit your partners, along with featuring individual partnerships you have. At Duuo, we’ve begun a series of “Duuo Partner Spotlights,” in which we make social posts (and occasionally, blogs) about who our partners are and what we do as a company to support them!

When it comes to client interaction, it’s important to consistently interact with your community. By this we mean responding to your comments, leaving comments on others’ posts, responding to DMs, and obviously, liking posts. By engaging with your network daily, you have a better chance of generating more business, website and portfolio visits, and the potential to further expand your network!

2. Showcase your personality!

A great way to get people engaged with your social media is through posting personalized content that tells your audience who your company is on a core level. Both clients and partners (potential and existing) want to see what’s behind the screen and what it means to work with you as an event planner!

For example, begin by creating content around your different team members, or what we at Duuo call “Duuo Team Spotlights.” You can adopt this too by conducting mini-interviews with your team members! This Q/A may consist of questions on their role, more personal questions, and in general, how their position helps your events run smoothly. Another important piece of content to post are business reviews! Glowing reviews indicate that you’re a credible and trustworthy company to work with, and also give potential clients a glimpse into how you make event magic happen. Marketing Research Paper Example

As an event planner, social media platforms like Instagram are an excellent way to showcase your previous shindigs as a digital portfolio! We, humans, are naturally visual creatures, and so showing off your work and curating your posts to match your style allows potential clients to get a better understanding of your style. Moreover, make your digital portfolio unique by showcasing elements that make you stand out from the event planner crowd. For example, creating posts on venue updates or your most unique venue set-ups!

3. Consistency, collaboration, and contests

Creating business pages on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and more, has given event planners the opportunity to interact with their audience more than ever. With that said, by posting daily, you have a better chance of figuring out what interests your followers and what doesn’t. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out what your fellow event planners are doing on their social outlets! Through this, you can gain better insight into event marketing and re-evaluate your own strategies. 

Collaboration is an excellent way to drive attention to your social media, and the easiest way you can begin doing this is by sharing content from others in the industry. This immediately forges a connection and may entice the people in your community to share your posts with their community as well. Additionally, collaborating with other even industry experts on content such as blogs is great for exposure and brings a fresh perspective to your readers!

Lastly, there’s nothing quite like holding a fun contest to bring attention to your socials! Contests are a fun way to get people engaged in your content and easily spread like wildfire. With the right contest entry requirements, such as tagging friends or giving your page a follow, you’d be surprised at how quickly your social pages can grow. 

If you’re wanting some inspiration, check out one of Duuo’s successful contests from last summer here, along with the corresponding content we made on our Instagram!

Wrapping up

It’s clear that social media has made a permanent home in the marketing world, and it’s likely that it’ll only become more vital to the events and venues industry (more than it already has). With that said, we hope our social spiel has given you a better understanding of how you as an event planner can effectively use social outlets to bring awareness to your business. If you’re interested in checking out Duuo’s social journey for yourself, give us a follow at the links below!

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