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Securing short-term rental insurance for your Campertunity site

Posted by Rachel Devitt | Sharing Economy

Canadians and international travelers alike recognize the joy of spending a night in one of the country’s most beautiful provinces, sleeping under the stars and making memories with their friends and loved ones.

Short-term rental insurance is a key element to renting out your property to guests in Canada. We all want to trust our guests with our property, but every so often things just happen. Short-term rental websites like Airbnb and CanadaStays will often mention a “Host Guarantee”, but this type of protection is more of a customer support program than an insurance policy.

Campertunity always recommends obtaining proper insurance before listing your property on their website, and they happily rely on their insurance partner, Duuo, to provide a seamless solution for their hosts.

Why do I need STR insurance for my land?

When you hear the words “short-term rental insurance” you think of hosting sites like Airbnb and other property-based rental businesses. While covered under the same umbrella, short-term rental insurance covers any type of space that guests are renting. As a host on Campertunity, your space is considered a rental property for guests who would prefer to sleep outside!

What exactly will my short-term rental insurance cover?

Concerned with the potential hazards your fire pit could cause? Short-term rental insurance will provide hosts with a sense of comfort around issues specific to their needs. Here are a few examples of items covered in your short-term rental agreement with Duuo.

  • Property Insurance: Your STR covers any damage imparted upon your campsite by guests who have rented it out.
  • Liability Insurance: Liability insurance protects you from instances in which a camper on your property might experience an issue throughout their stay. Basically, if a compensatory suit is brought against you as a result of a camper’s bodily injury or property damage incurred during their stay with you, we’ve got your back.

In addition to these standard items, our coverage extends to situations like identity fraud expenses.

Sounds good! How do I sign up?

It’s simple! Duuo is a quick, on-demand service that provides you with a quote in minutes. Simply visit our website and input any information available about your campsite to receive the coverage you need faster than you can say “short-term rental insurance”.

Still need some clarification on what short-term rental insurance offers? Our awesome support team is on-hand to answer each and every question you might have about what your policy will cover. Send us an email at info@duuo.com for more information! Campertunity and Duuo share a similar goal of providing their users with the best possible experience. For an affordable rate, Campertunity hosts can enjoy the seamless service Duuo offers while remaining confident that your hosting endeavour is covered.

This blog originally appeared on Campertunity. Check out their platform today and discover how you can rent out your beautiful land or campsite this summer!

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