How easy is Duuo? Our clients say it best!

Along with providing helpful advice when you need it, our goal is to make Duuo as easy as possible to use! But don’t just take our word for it. We asked our clients to share a few words about their experience using Duuo short-term rental insurance.

In their own words:

I just started using Duuo and I have a great first impression. It should help ease my concerns about hosting through Airbnb.

Steve, Ontario

This is exactly the type of insurance I was looking for. I’ll continue to use it.

Viktor, Ontario

I really appreciate the extra protection. My guests have been wonderful and have come from as far away as Switzerland. Thank you Duuo for partnering with me!

Faye, British Columbia

My experience with Duuo so far has been great. It was really easy to get signed up and just as simple to purchase policies.

Katie, British Columbia

I really like this new company and insurance product. I find it very easy to use, like that I only pay for insurance when I need it and the coverage is good.

Gwen, Nova Scotia

Very happy with your process and online interface and pleased to be using Duuo.

Simon, Ontario

So far so good! It’s good to know that I can purchase insurance as needed.

Chris, Ontario

I had a good experience booking with Duuo and will do so again in the future.  Simple, easy and quick. This is great!

Rob, Alberta

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