Are you a short-term rental host in Québec? Here’s what you need to know!

Known for its architecture and European feel, Québec is also home to two of the leading short-term rental cities in Canada. With more and more tourists visiting Québec each year, this is a great province to become a short-term rental host. Whether you’re looking to rent your entire property or a single room, listing your home on platforms like CanadaStays®, Airbnb®, or HomeAway® is a great way to earn extra income, meet new people, and develop business skills.

But before you dive in, there’s a few things you should know.

Read up on your local regulations and by-laws

Becoming a short-term rental host is like running a business – it’s important you understand the relevant laws in your city. Make sure you take the time to read up on all applicable laws before you create your listing. To help you get started, we’ve pulled together some references that might be useful:

Select your listing platform  

While it may be tempting to take things offline and receive cash for your short-term rental, this puts you in a vulnerable position as a host. Listing platforms like Airbnb®, HomeAway® and VRBO® are designed to protect both you and your guests, by vetting the other party and ensuring payment is monitored and issued.

Protection for hosts varies across all listing platforms, so make sure you thoroughly read the websites’ policies before selecting a platform and uploading your listing.

Lights, camera, listing

Now that you’ve read up on your local regulations, and selected your hosting platform, you’re ready to create your listing! They say a picture is worth a thousand words and trust us, they aren’t wrong. That’s why the quality of the photos you use for your listing are just as important as staging. You don’t need a professional photographer to snap a strong photo. Just stick to these easy tips:

  • Shoot with a real camera (not your phone) to get better quality photos
  • Take photos when natural lighting is at its best – this creates a warmness to the images and showcases your home in the best possible way
  • Save images in high-resolution so you get the best quality photos that showcase your home just as you intended
  • Your first image sparks interest, so choose it wisely – that hero image can make all the difference of someone clicking on your property or not

Hook people with words  

The description you create is almost as important as the photos. Not only does the description allow you to show off your personality, but it allows you to bring your space to life in a way pictures can’t. Be concise and make sure your photos match your description. For example, don’t talk about the spacious bedroom on the second floor if you don’t have accompanying imagery.

Go the extra mile

Running a successful short-term rental is pretty simple when you think about it – impress your guests, get good reviews and increase your bookings. To make sure your listing stands out, why not go the extra mile?

Leave a few “surprise and delight” elements around the house like a list of fun things to do and see in your neighbourhood. Or you could try creating a snack station, stashed with local treats and soft drinks. Since you’ll likely have guests who don’t speak French, consider developing a “cheat sheet” for guests, outlining key phrases they should know before hitting the town.

Cover yourself with short-term rental insurance

Okay, you’re officially ready to take on the role of host! But before you open your doors and welcome guests, don’t forget to purchase coverage that’s designed specifically for short-term rental hosts.

While you may think that you’re covered by your rental platform, this is often not the case. And most platforms suggest that their hosts purchase their own insurance.

That’s where Duuo comes in. As an on-demand insurance service, Duuo allows you to pay only for the nights you host guests. It’s also designed to protect you as a host and your home, regardless of the listing platform.

Simply click “Get Quote” to see your instant quote. Signing up for a free Duuo account takes just about a minute, and from there, the rest is easy. You can turn your policy on and off as needed.

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